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2016 Virginia LISC Annual Report

2016 Virginia LISC Annual Report

Dear Friends,

This past year marked the 26th year of LISC investment in the Richmond and Petersburg communities. Throughout the decades, Virginia LISC’s work has shifted, but our mission remains the same: we are the catalyst for neighborhood-based, partner-focused and resident-driven transformation in neighborhoods.

Since 1990, we have raised $28.2 million locally, leveraging total development investments of more than $480 million. We have provided support to more than 30 organizations. And we have engaged thousands of residents in Richmond and Petersburg in efforts to improve their neighborhoods.

Greater Richmond is a vibrant metropolitan area that is home to several universities and Fortune 500 companies. While the community in general is thriving, there are many neighborhoods that still need our support. These communities need quality housing, safe streets, job opportunities and good schools. They also need reliable access to amenities and services in order to be communities where people can live, work and play.

Virginia LISC partners with corporate leaders to bring lending capital and equity investments into these areas to foster livable, safe, healthy communities. But financial investment alone is not the solution. We work directly with residents to help them become the leaders their neighborhoods need. No one has more at stake in a community than its residents. They are the force that shapes schools, housing and businesses. They are the force we work to unleash.

As our funders, supporters and partners, you play a critical role in making change possible – block by block, your support is helping to build strong communities, strong neighborhoods and strong families.  With your help, we look forward to even greater success in 2017 and the years to follow.


Candice Streett                                                 Cindy Mims
Executive Director, Virginia LISC                       Chair of Virginia LISC Local Advisory Committee