A message from LISC's CEO on COVID-19

A message from LISC’s CEO on COVID-19

A Message from the President & CEO

Amid mounting concerns around the spread of COVID-19 or coronavirus, LISC is taking actions to ensure that we can continue to support the people and places where we work. We will do so while protecting the health of our LISC team and contributing our utmost to help slow the spread of the virus across America.

This pandemic is an unprecedented challenge for the entire country and the world, but especially for vulnerable people, organizations and businesses in our communities. In times of crisis, it is more important than ever that we stay well informed, connected and support each other. Locally and nationally, we are working with policymakers, partners and funders to determine the best ways to provide that support. We will update you with more details as those efforts move forward.
Following guidance from the CDC, the World Health Organization and local health officials, we are taking action to reduce the potential for exposure to the virus for both our staff and the communities that we serve.

In the coming weeks, the LISC team across the country will be working remotely, continuing to do their jobs while minimizing potential spread of the virus. This ensures the continuity of support for our partners by leveraging our organizational structure and systems, which are designed to keep vital investment plans on track.

We are also limiting non-essential travel and LISC events, activities and in-person meetings are postponed in the near term.
Many of these gatherings will be conducted through video or teleconference when possible or rescheduled for a later date. Local LISC staff will reach out to participants and partners in the coming weeks around specific convenings.
We recognize that our community-based partners are on the front lines of this crisis and many of you will likely face additional pressures to respond to the needs of the people you serve. As always, we will be vigilant and flexible in order be as responsive as possible to those most impacted by the spread of COVID-19.

Please reach out to your local LISC contacts if you have questions or email covid19response@lisc.org.


Maurice A. Jones
LISC CEO & President