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Virginia LISC honoring project: HOMES

Virginia LISC is proud to honor nonprofit partner project: HOMES  at the upcoming Celebrating Community Leaders event on Sept. 28, 2017.
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project: HOMES executive director, Lee Householder, talks about the importance of neighborhoods.

Project: HOMES, formerly Elder Homes, has been in Richmond since 1992, “bettering the housing and living conditions of Central Virginians through the construction of high quality affordable housing, large-scale home repairs, and improved accessibility and energy efficiency of existing homes,” as stated on the website.
Project: HOMES has been a strong partner of Virginia LISC for decades, working together in many of the same neighborhoods in Richmond and Petersburg to rehabilitate blighted and vacant housing.
“LISC has always helped build the capacity of community development nonprofits in the area,” said Lee Householder, the executive director of project: HOMES. “There are challenges in this community but Virginia LISC and project: HOMES together have the leadership and capacity to solve community problems,” he said.
This partnership to rehabilitate housing can be seen in Petersburg, where Virginia LISC and project: HOMES are working together in the historic neighborhood of Poplar Lawn. It can be seen in the Northside, where the two organizations are working alongside each other at Six Points in Highland Park. And it can be seen on the Southside of Richmond in the Jefferson Davis Ave. corridor in the partnership between Virginia LISC, project: HOMES and Altria Group.
Project: HOMES is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year, and Virginia LISC is proud to honor this organization for its supportive partnership for the past two decades.
“When we are looking for a partner to address housing in the neighborhoods we work in, we can always count on project: HOMES to be first to step up to the plate,” said Candice Streett, executive director of Virginia LISC.